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Theoretical Thursdays

Theoretical Thursdays is a facilitated, cohort-based reading group intended to deepen your understanding of inclusive teaching pedagogies and principles through engaged discussions with fellow educators. Highlighted frameworks may include culturally relevant pedagogy, engaged pedagogy, trauma-informed pedagogies, feminist pedagogies, and indigenous pedagogies.


Virtual link to be provided.

Size and Format

  • Online & Synchronous 

Dates & Times
Cohort 1:

  • TBA

Cohort 2:

  • TBA

Faculty, Graduate Students, Postdoctoral Trainees, Staff


Theoretical Thursdays is a set of 3 one-hour sessions in which a cohort of Northwestern instructors will convene to discuss identity-affirming pedagogical frameworks that cultivate a sense of belonging and inclusion in learning environments. Participants will engage in dialogue with fellow attendees on selected readings as well as share their personal thoughts, questions, insights, and experiences with engaging in DEI work in higher education. Veronica Womack, the Center’s Associate Director of Inclusive Learning, will facilitate these engaged discussions on inclusive teaching pedagogies.


All Northwestern University instructors and educational support staff are welcome.


  • Enhance knowledge of pedagogical frameworks that promote inclusive classroom settings through empirical readings, self-reflection, and peer dialogue
  • Examine challenges in incorporating DEIJ concepts in the context of a learning environment

Contact Us

Veronica Y. Womack, Associate Director, Inclusive Learning Communities