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Mission & Values


Since 1992 the Searle Center’s mission has been to advance learning.

We are committed to deepening reflective and evidence-informed pedagogical practices, promoting inclusive teaching that fosters belonging, and stimulating assessment to drive substantive course/curricular development.


Sparking the intellectual curiosity of Northwestern University educators aspiring to create transformative learning experiences so that all students can thrive.


We are committed to upholding these values in all facets of our work:

  • Critical Reflection—engaging in an on-going reflective process informed by an awareness of multiple perspectives that is intended to question and unsettle assumptions.
  • Multi-vocal Evidence—honoring contextual and positional evidence from multiple voices to illuminate powerful learning and teaching approaches.
  • Meaningful Learning—actively constructing knowledge, skills, and attitudes in an inclusive and open manner to create transformative learning experiences.
  • Diverse Collaborations—connecting lifelong learners with shared purpose to communities at Northwestern and beyond, centering diverse ways of knowing, and celebrating collective achievements.