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CIRTL at Northwestern

CIRTL LogoNorthwestern University is a member of the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL), a network of 45 research universities. The CIRTL mission is to enhance excellence in undergraduate education through the development of a national faculty committed to implementing and advancing effective teaching practices for diverse learners as part of successful and varied professional careers. Both CIRTL at Northwestern and the CIRTL network broadly offer a variety of programs to support graduate students and postdocs. Through the Searle Center, we offer programs for STEM and Social and Behavioral Science graduate students and postdocs that align with this mission, and we engage future faculty in learning communities.

Getting Started

Not sure where to begin?

CIRTL at Northwestern has offerings that range from one hour to multiple quarters in length. Some offerings are in person on our campus, and others are synchronous or asynchronous online. Through CIRTL at Northwestern, there are three programs in which you can participate.

If you are new to CIRTL, one good place to start is with Mentored Discussions of Teaching (MDT), which requires minimal effort (e.g., it does not require any written assignments). Another low commitment option will be coming summer 2024 called the Equity in STEM Journal Club. It is a peer-facilitated and evidence-driven reading group intended to deepen graduate student and postdoc understanding of equitable teaching practices in STEM. You may then wish to participate in the Searle Center’s Reflective and Effective Teaching Program (RET) or the two-quarter Searle Teaching-as-Research (STAR) Program. 

Searle Center workshops/events or online CIRTL workshops and webinars that are part of the larger CIRTL network can supplement programming at any time.

Want to learn more?


All STEM and social science graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are invited to the annual Searle Center Information Session on Friday, April 26, 2024 from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM CT at the Searle Center (627 Dartmouth Place, Evanston). RSVP here.

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CIRTL is a network of universities working together to enhance undergraduate education through the development of future faculty. CIRTL at Northwestern is designed to build a community of practitioners within and across disciplines – both locally and nationally – to improve undergraduate student learning.

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are invited to participate in events and programs facilitated by the Searle Center, as well as those offered online through CIRTL’s broader network

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Here at Northwestern, there are several ways to get involved with CIRTL. You may participate in CIRTL at Northwestern programming specifically through the Searle Center. You can also participate in the broader CIRTL network programming via webinars, workshops, and courses that happen across institutions in the CIRTL network (over 40 participating institutions) remotely.

CIRTL Network Programming

These are online events that require registration. A current list of opportunities is on the CIRTL Website. They may fill quickly, so checking for events at the beginning of the CIRTL Semesters in September, January, and May is advised.

  • CIRTL Webinars
  • CIRTL Workshops
  • CIRTL Courses

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